Heat Pump Water Heater

Introducing the Most Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank Design in Existence !

This new revolutionary design can reduce your hot water heating costs by 60% or more when compared to electric, natural gas, propane and oil fired water heaters. Depending on the cost of electricity in your area, and how much you actually use… our new hybrid hot water tank could save you up to $380 per year!

Our environment will also benefit by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know that heating domestic water can take up to 25% of your total energy costs? This is especially true with average size families that own a conventional water heater but now you can change that. This is how it works…

Have you ever felt the heat released from an outdoor air conditioning unit or the heat being released behind an old refrigerator? The process is called vapour compression and is a function of a compressor. With an air conditioner, the heat is collected from surrounding air, concentrated by the compressor and then sent to a coil where the heat is released elsewhere. A heat pump simply reverses the process and brings the heat indoors as opposed to rejecting it outdoors.

Our hybrid hot water tank utilizes the same process by absorbing energy in the air surrounding the tank, concentrating the energy and rejects the heat to the water stored in your tank instead of expelling it to the outdoors.

This water heating system is far more energy efficient because most of the energy comes from the vapour compression cycle as opposed to the heat produced by the electric elements. If you ever need a backup or extra performance, the unit has two electric heating elements that will turn on automatically if they are required.

Intelligent Control System

  • Take the guesswork out of hot water settings because now you can set the precise water temperature you want with our digital monitoring system. You will know exactly what your outlet water temperature is so you can adjust it to optimal requirements.
  • Save even more money by setting the timer function to lower your water temperature at night or at times when you don’t use any hot water.
  • You can set the temperature even lower when you are away on vacation and have the unit turn on before you come home, so you are ready for a warm, refreshing shower or bath.
  • There are 3 modes of operation.
  • Heat Pump Mode: Used for the best efficiency
  • Hybrid Mode: Still very efficient with quicker recovery
  • Electric Mode: Use as a backup should service be needed
  • Overheated water warning indicators.
  • There is also an program safety lock feature to prevent accidental changes to the temperature settings or other program features

Easy Installation

The unit is easy to install and will slide into place using your existing plumbing system.