R22 Portable A/C

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Features and Benefits

  • Automatic condensation drainage, no tank to dump.
  • Up to 13,000 BTU/h cooling capacity.
  • Model TM11V and TM09V has 24 hour timer with optional remote control.
  • Easy to adjust airflow direction. Model TM09V has wonderful, automatic horizontal air sweep.
  • De-humidifying mode with multi-speed fan only option as well.
  • Prevent bacteria build-up with easy to remove washable filter.
  • Easy to move with large multi-directional wheels.
  • Classy look, ideal for home and office.
  • Heat pump option available upon request.

TM(H)11VR  13,000BTU/hrTM09VR 9,500BTU/hrRemote

Model Number TM09VR TM(H)11VR
Cooling Capacity 9,500BTU/hr 13,000BTU/hr
Heating Capacity N/A 14,000BTU/hr (US Model)
Voltage 115V / 60Hz 115V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 1040W 1300W
E.E.R. 9.85 9.35
Rated Current 9A 11.3A
Refrigerant Type R22/0.85lb R22/1.27lb
Exhaust Hose 4.3 feet 4.3 feet
Air Volume 370 M3/hr 410 M3/hr
Moisture Removed 136 lb/hour 149 lb/hour
Noise Level 54 dBA 56 dBA
Setting Temperature 64  ~ 88 F 64  ~ 88 F
Unit Dimension (inch) D20.5  W13.1  H28.4 D15.0  W18.5  H33.7
Packing Dimension (inch) D24.5  W15.4  H30.7 D21.6  W18.9  H43.3
Net Weight 30kg / 66lbs 44kg / 96.9lbs
Gross Weight 32kg / 71lbs 47kg / 103.5lbs

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